I sat around a meeting with four professionals sitting in a semi-circle around me. "I will not let you fail my daughter."  I repeated "I will NOT let you fail my daughter". And we went around in circles. "We are not asking you anything that is beyond reasonable expectation of parental care". "We will want [...]

It was my birthday this week. Not a big one, but an opportunity to look back and see what life has brought us last year and what I have learnt. A year ago we had just been properly discharged from hospital for the first time since Freya's birth. We had previously gone through various attempts at [...]

Elections. Whether you rejoice in the small government approach of  the other side of the pond or rejoiced in the victory of the left in France there is a distinct smell of change in the air. Here in the UK parliamentary elections are around the corner. After the emotion provoking brexit referendum last year there are [...]

"Don't be afraid of different. Some of the most beautiful things in the world are different." A nurse who looked after Freya when she was a very ill baby In the grand casino of life my partner and I hit the jackpot of rare odds. Whereas statistics indicate that about 3% of babies are born with [...]

I love food. I have always loved food. I love cooking and in my past life when I was able to travel I was happy to explore the culinary world (Yes to silk worms and tree ants in Cambodia. No to a mongoose in Ivory Coast, partly because it was still alive, happily digging a [...]

Long time no blog due to life getting super-hectic. Since Freya’s birthday we have packed up our old flat, painted our new flat, painstakingly moved all the stuff in to the new flat from the old flat, made several trips to Ikea, bought and installed all new white goods in the kitchen…. And Freya has [...]

As Friday, and Freya’s first birthday, approaches I have been reflecting on the past year. I’ve thought about the battles we have been through, the ones we have in front of us and what would I want to tell Freya about this year when she grows up.  So I decided to write her this letter. Dear [...]

When a baby is born new words enter into the parents’ vocabulary. For us, instead of these being the names of the newest baby carriers or the most talked about method of making your baby sleep through the night, the words coming part of my every day usage were much more of a medical nature. [...]